About Master Me

Have you jumped on the Internet bandwagon to watch streaming television shows and movies through your computer and on your television?  Like many others, you probably had a keyboard sitting next to your tv or bought a wireless keyboard just to play a video.  And found that it not only cluttered your living room, but that the keyboard didn't really work unless you were standing directly in front of the computer.

With Master Me, you can hide that computer and control it using your iPhone or iPod Touch.

The free edition of Master Me includes:

• The ability to control one computer.  An unlimited number of computers can be added through In-App Purchase.
• A trackpad that includes left, right, middle and scroll buttons.
• The built in keyboard extended to include the extra buttons found on Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows.
• Open the trackpad and/or keyboard while holding your device vertically (for portrait mode).
• Rotate your device counter-clockwise (for widescreen mode) to quickly open the keypad.
• Rotate your device clockwise (for widescreen mode) to quickly open the numeric keypad.


• Your iPhone or iPod Touch must be on the same WiFi network as the computer.
• When your computer is an Apple Mac, Remote Management must be enabled.  Master Me has been tested with Mac OS X 10.5.
• When your computer is on Microsoft Windows, a VNC server must be installed and running.  Several free VNC servers are available.  Master Me has been tested with RealVNC.

Please feel free to send in suggestions for any additional features that you would like to see.  Enjoy!

Version 0.9 - Released on December 21, 2009

The first edition of Master Me approved by Apple and released into the App Store.